XLIV. Congress of Group Psychotherapies with International Participation
May 29, June 1 - 2019, Asklepion, Bergama
XLIV. Congress of Group Psychotherapies with International Participation
May 29, June 1 - 2019, Asklepion, Bergama
XLIV. Congress of Group Psychotherapies with International Participation
May 29, June 1 - 2019, Asklepion, Bergama

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Important Dates

Courses Dates:
May 29, 2019
Congress Dates
May 30 - June 01, 2019
Early Registration Deadline:
April 1, 2019 
Abstract Submission Deadline: 
April 15, 2019


Three students will receive ‘Emre Kapkın‘ scholarship. The scholarship (registration fees) will be given to the first three degrees which are in the process of psychodrama training and who are eligible for the poster award.


Scientific Programme

Pre-Congress Courses



Group Sessions

My land; legacy from the past

'Toprak’ is a word that can be translated variously as ‘earth’, ‘soil’, and ‘ground’; it has myriad metaphorical and symbolic meanings, much like its English counterparts.

‘The black earth is my faithful beloved’ Aşık Veysel once said. This conception of earth as ‘the source of life and a place where people belong’ owes a debt to the collective voice of poets and bards who, like Veysel, felt the lyrical strength of Mother Earth deep in their bones.

‘From earth you have come, and to earth you shall return’ is such a common phrase, it seems to frequently repeating. Yet, it perfectly illustrates the role of mother earth who presents us with bounties beyond measure only to humbly and unobtrusively take everything away. This cycle reminds us that every person has a role as a link to future generations, and that these links transmit the intangible cultural heritage & core values that accumulate in the heart of the earth over the centuries.

If our relationship with the earth is destroyed, the possibility of both the societies of human and the earth turning into a barren, dystopian wasteland, a half-forgotten trash heap of cultural detritus filled with people who have no recollection of their humanity, makes one’s blood run cold. 

We want to revivify the earth which tells us that understanding the present lies in searching through the past, nurtures our creativity with its dignity, and permits us to transcend the bounds of this mortal coil with its profound and venerable voice. 

We need to be the voice of the unuttered silence that was assumed to be buried and forgotten, the legacy of silence that previous generations safeguarded. We want to meet to let these self-fulfilling prophecies speak. Owing to our role as a link verbalizing intergenerational remembrances, we want to let our imagination run wild, confront truths, and cry dolefully, but feel complete - feel whole.

Without turning our back on ancient mysteries, we want to meet in service of a larger goal: achieving wellness through fresh starts and by holding on to hope.

We want to entrust the things that we carry with honor, shame, grief, or guilt and that were left to us by our forebears to future generations, here in our small corner of the earth, but without discrimination in our tales, freeing them and transforming as we see fit.

We hope to leave here enriched by all the experiences and associations that this theme inspires in you.

Presidents of Congress
Nalan Kalkan Oğuzhanoğlu     –    Osman Özdel

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Nalan Kalkan Oğuzhanoğlu

Prof. Dr.
Nalan Kalkan Oğuzhanoğlu

President of Congress

Prof. Dr. Osman Özdel

Prof. Dr.
Osman Özdel

President of Congress

Doç. Dr. Selim Tümkaya

Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Selim Tümkaya

Scientific Secreteriat

Doç. Dr. Ayşe Altan

Psy. Dr.
Ayşe Altan

Scientific Secreteriat



Ali Kuserli

Bircan Kırlangıç Şimşek

Enise Çalışkan Çoban

Figen Çulha Ateşçi

Gül Şendil

Gülfizar Sözeri Varma

Güzin Uğur Atalay

Osman Zülkif Topak

Sürel Karabilgin Öztürkçü

Şahabettin Çetin

Tuğçe Toker Uğurlu


Our Associations


Speakers / Group Leaders

Emine Pişmişoğlu, Turkey
Tülin Kuşgözoğlu, Turkey
Grete Leutz, Germany
Berna Gökengin, Turkey
Stylianos Lagarakis, Greece
Cüneyt Evren, Turkey
Özlem Sürel Karabilgin Öztürkçü, Turkey
Işıl Bulut, Turkey
Aslı Özyıldız, Turkey
Agnes Dudler, Germany
Nalan Kalkan Oğuzhanoğlu, Turkey
Ejder Yıldırım, Turkey
Hande Karakılıç Üçer, Turkey
Umay Oğuzhanoğlu Akay, Turkey
Berna Arapaslan, Turkey
Nuşin Sarımurat Baydemir, Turkey
İnci Doğaner, Turkey
Nevzat Uçtum Muhtar, Turkey
Tülin Acar, Türkiye
Özlem Ulutaş Akarken, Turkey
Işıl Vahip, Turkey
Ali Kuserli, Turkey
Levent Küey, Turkey
Judith Teszáry, Sweden / Hungary
Bülent Kılıçaslan, Turkey
Hülya Deniz, Turkey
Enise Çalışkan Çoban, Turkey
Osman Topak, Turkey
Eva Fahlström Borg, Sweden
Arşaluys Kayır, Turkey
Eda Ünlü Sağdıç, Turkey
Bahar Gökler, Turkey
İnanç Sümbüloğlu, Turkey
Gozde Özer Danış, Turkey
Nevin Eracar, Turkey
Bircan Kırlangıç Şimşek, Turkey
Tuğba Yücel, Turkey

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